The Greysparrows' Jazz Band


The geysparrows' Jazz Band was founded in 1997, in Kiskőrös. The members of the band are non-professionals -beside a tipographer, a mechanic, a road constructor and a farmer there are some enthusiasts of calassical music, too. This is a real amateur band playing with honest devotion to music.

Their favourites are New Orleans jazz and dixieland.With the help of the violin and the gitars they also take a trip in the world of swing and they even play Beatles song in jazz-style. The band has a good realitionship with the Gospel Eagles' choir and they often give concerts together.

Mostly they play in small clubs but they often take part in Hungarien jazz festivals and they have even performed in Netherlands.

In 2002 they won the International Dixieland Festival in Diósgyőr in amateur chategory.

At the 12th International Bohém Ragtime and Jazz Festival they played with the famous American pianist, Butch Tompson, who even showed his expertise as a clarinetist.

In March of last year at the 13th Bohem Jazz Festival of Hungary , they was playing together with Robbie Rhodes piano player from California.

In April they took part on Saint George festival in SEPSISZENTGYÖRGY , TRANSSILVANIA.

At the summer of 2004 they took part on a tour in Germany , where they played together with Gospel Eagles choir from Kiskőrös also.

Finally the best experience of 2004 they had possibility to play at the Dixie Days in Sainte Addresse .